Here’s the dilemma. You’ve heard and read about how the earth is practically drowning in plastics and you know in your heart that you gotta stop buying so much shit. At the same time, you don’t wanna look bummy wearing the same shit all the time, either.

Adidas yesterday unveiled Futurecraft Loop, the first 100% recyclable shoes, to solve that problem for you.

The Circular Economy

Adidas is aiming to create a circular product lifecycle by:

  1. making sneakers with 100% recyclable materials
  2. helping consumers send back the shoes to the company once they’re done with them
  3. re-make new sneakers with materials recycled from returned worn-down sneakers

Adidas says the shoe is “made to remade”. Hence the name Futurecraft “Loop”.

To fully realize this goal, Futurecraft Loop comes with a QR code on the tongue for an app that will remind people to send the shoes back when it’s time. Adidas is also looking at possibly giving customers $10~$20 back when they return the shoes and a subscription model as well.

Recycle Boost

Six years in the making, the shoe uses variations of the same TPU material Adidas uses for their Boost cushioning for the entire sneaker. Adidas also came up with a new construction method utilizing heat and pressure making it possible to do away with glue and stitching. In theory, the process enables Futurecraft Loop to have a stronger build – since once different parts get fused together, they become one piece of the same TPU polymer.

So when do these drop?

Adidas pledged to only use recycled plastics by 2024 and Futurecraft Loop is an important part of the plan. Unfortunately for sneakerheads, the shoes are still at prototype stage as of now. Adidas says only a limited # of Futurecraft Loops to will be given to key influencers this year with mass release to come sometime in 2021.

The company also plans to make 11 million pairs of shoes in 2019 with recycled ocean plastic from the ocean conservation organization Parley. So for the time being, you can perhaps cop some Parleys if you’re in the mood for some eco-conscious sneaker shopping.


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