We ended yesterday’s post with how, in the face of the King Donald I era, the Dems should come together and inspire voters to come out to defeat Trump in November. The Iowa Caucus yesterday could’ve been a good way to divert attention away from Trump’s GOP sponsored victory lap today and bring excitement to the Dem primary race. Instead, the DNC shot themselves in the foot.

The Shadowy App

The Iowa Democratic Party, perhaps trying to at least give an appearance of keeping up with the times, used an app to count the votes. Well, the app fucking crashed.

Turns out the app, developed by a company called “Shadow Inc.” (we hope this was a joke but it isn’t apparently) wasn’t even tested properly before the rollout.

Total shitshow

The candidates, who were waiting for the results to come out (which we still don’t know yet), said fuck it and went their own ways. Joe Biden campaign sent a protest letter, Pete Buttigieg claimed victory out of nowhere, and Biden and Warren gave speeches at the same time to add to the chaos – all of this happened without any of them knowing for sure what happened.

The sad truth is, Democrats, who are supposed to be more tech-savvy and hip, can’t even keep up on the tech-side of things with the Trump campaign, which is armed with a total lack of moral compass, deep pockets, and assistance from shady tech-bros (remember Cambridge Analytica?). Last night was supposed to be the exciting start to the Dem Primary process but the Dems somehow managed to make voters lose more faith in the system.

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