Gordon Sondland, who bought his EU ambassador position by donating $1M to the Trump campaign, is having a buyer’s remorse. Sondland so far has been a willing participant in the criminal schemes of Donnie and co but at today’s impeachment hearing, he changed his mind and started to cover his ass – and throw Trump and his cronies under the bus in the process

So what did he say?

Sondland, who had firsthand convos with Trump, said he was directed by Trump to pressure Ukraine to manufacture dirt on the Bidens. Not only that, he also testified withholding of the aid to Ukraine was tied to the investigation pressure – thus establishing a clear quid pro quo and putting Trump and his homies (Pence, Giuliani, Mulvaney, etc) in a tight corner.

How did Trump react?

Trump acted like he didn’t know Sondland well. However, just last month, when Sondland was still #TEAMTRUMP, he put out a tweet praising Sondland as a “really good man and great American”. So yeah, he lied, again.

Trump also showed the world how very stable geniuses operate – by relying on a note with sharpie-written talking points apparently prepared by a 1st grader.

This photo is NOT photoshopped

A$AP Rocky, tho?

By the way, Sondland also said A$AP Rocky’s Sweden case was a primary subject of discussion during his phone call with Trump in July. This has nothing to do with impeachment but it’s kinda cool (and absurd) that Rocky will forever be part of this historic impeachment proceedings.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Trump’s got some fuckin’ problems now

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