Ever felt extra cranky on a smog-filled day? Colorado State U researchers have found a rise in air pollution level is linked to increased # of violent crimes.

We can feel (the aggression) in the air

The CSU researchers looked at and cross-analyzed 8-year worth of data sets from FBI’s daily crime statistics and detailed map of daily air pollution by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency monitors and carefully corrected their research for other possible explanations, including weather or more general, county-specific factors.

Here are the results:

  • a 10 microgram-per-cubic-meter increase in same-day exposure to PM2.5 (breathable particulate matter 2.5 microns in diameter or smaller) is connected to a 1.4% increase in violent crimes.
  • a 0.01 parts-per-million increase in same-day exposure to ozone is associated with a 1.15% increase in assaults.

Co-author of the study Jude Bayham says “when you’re exposed to more pollution, you become marginally more aggressive, so those altercations – some things that may not have escalated – do escalate.”

Sigel felt it in the air

Trump wants us to stay aggy, tho

The CSU team concluded that a 10 percent reduction in daily PM2.5 could save $1.1M in crime-related costs per year – giving us yet another reason we need to cut down on carbon emissions. Trump’s been eating too good with fossil fuel money to see what’s obvious to the rest of us, tho. Last month, Trump’s EPA effectively weakened national standards for carbon emissions from cars and trucks. Evil.


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