Asylum seekers including children got tear-gassed at the border
Tear Gas, a banned chemical weapon, was fired against asylum seekers at the Mexico border

That sounds horrible
It IS horrible. Although some random guy on Fox news defended the use of Tear Gas by saying it’s natural and you could put it on Nachos, Tear Gas can have long-term negative health effects and children are especially vulnerable. Trump has been fear-mongering and threatening to use “lethal force” and now they’re firing chemical weapons at asylum seekers.

Are asylum seekers really bad hombres?
No, they’re fleeing the horrible conditions (which the US is at least partly responsible) of their home countries and it’s legal to come to the border and seek asylum. Their only sin is their brown skin color.

What did Trump say about the situation?
He defended it, of course. Without any evidence, Trump also claimed the children were used as human shield by so called “grabbers”. DHS chief Nielsen defended it, too. Apparently being devoid of soul is a required quality at Trump administration.

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