Amazon’s majority shareholders, including Jeff Bezos, voted down all 12 proposals from minority shareholders and employees at yesterday’s annual shareholder meeting.

To whom much is given, much will be required

Proposals by minority shareholders get shot down all the time in corporate world. Amazon isn’t some Dunder Mifflin level company, tho- it’s the 5th largest company in the US and is worth about $1 trillion. However, despite its large size and impact, Amazon has been igging the calls to act responsibly.

9 of the 10 biggest global retailers disclose their carbon footprint but Amazon doesn’t. Microsoft, Google¬†and Apple all have publicly declared their goals to be entirely carbon-neutral but Amazon hasn’t. Even Amazon’s own employees requested the company to stop selling its flawed facial recognition tech to law enforcement but Bezos shut them down.

Govt oversight looks like the only answer

The proposals included disclosing Amazon’s carbon footprint, tying executive compensation to sustainability goals, limiting sales of Amazon’s facial-recognition to governments, addressing hate speech and offensive products on Amazon, and disclosing more info on how the company pays female employees. All sensible requests, right? Bezos and the majority shareholders voted all of them down.

Dem 2020 candidates Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg have all said that they will look into breaking up big tech companies when they get elected. Bezos just dared them to pull up.



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