We’ve talked about Bill Barr a few times and they all shared a common theme – how he’s abusing his position as AG to protect the interests of the criminal organization known as the Trump WH. In the Trump crime family structure, we’d put Moscow Mitch aka Cocaine Mitch as the underboss and Barr as the Consigliere, the counsel to the family.┬áNow that Moscow Mitch has finished his job of letting Trump off the hook at the Senate, Barr is once again back in the mix to bring even more criminality to this shitshow.

Consigliere Barr saves Capo Stone

Consigliere, Capo, Don, or whatever – we’re not using these Mafia terms to make this admin look cool. We’re using this lingo because they do actually operate like an organized crime syndicate. Mobsters might look cool as fictional characters but we don’t want them in the govt.

Back in Nov. 2019, Roger Stone, a very unsavory character and a longtime political adviser for Trump (let’s just say he’s a Capo, no disrespect to Jim Jones), was found guilty of obstruction of Trump-Russia investigation, lying to Congress, and witness tampering. Not only was he threatening a witness, but dude was also out there threatening the judge as well. Don’t seem like civilian behaviors at all, right?

Fast forward to earlier this week, the prosecutors recommended that Stone should spend 7 to 9 years behind bars. Of course, Trump went right to Twitter to whine about it saying it’s a miscarriage of justice. So Barr, like a good mob lawyer, came to Stone’s rescue real quick. Not even a day later, Barr’s DOJ intervened and sent a memo to the judge for a sentence “far less” than the recommended time by the prosecutors. This is, again, mafia behavior – signaling to the soldiers in the org that the family will come thru and save your ass, so stay loyal.

Today, Barr did an interview with ABC and tried to distance himself from Trump and criticized his tweets. Don’t fall for the okey-doke, tho. Barr’s new memo came only after Trump’s tweets about Stone and Barr didn’t offer any evidence that he was moving independently. It was just Barr signaling to Trump to not make things too obvious nothing more than that.

The Trump Admin Theme Song

The Department of Injustice

All four career prosecutors that worked on the Stone trial said fuck it and quit the case in protest, which is admirable and shows there still are some people who’d stand up for something then to be a lap dog for a tyrant.

However, the frustrating reality is, there’s not much we could do at the moment to bring this criminal org down – Congress can withhold funding for the department somewhat and maybe call for an inspector general investigation but Barr won’t be removed as long as the Republican power structure stays on code (and they will).

November can’t come fast enough.

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