The first House public impeachment hearing happened yesterday and Bill Taylor, the top American Diplomat to Ukraine dropped another bomb on Trump.

“The first day of the rest of my life. X stand behind the mic like Walter Cronkite” – Xzibit

Bill Taylor woke up yesterday ready to go. His tone and voice were so calm and collected people compared him to Walter Cronkite. With that mic presence, Taylor went on to reveal that Donald Trump asked Gordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the EU (a position he bought with donation $ but that’s another story), to press Ukraine to manufacture dirt on the Bidens and that Sondland later said Trump cared more about “investigations of Biden” than the well-being of Ukrainians, who were under Russia’s attack.

Taylor’s testimony makes it clear that Trump’s focus was on abusing his power to get political gains – which is obviously an impeachable offense.

Repubs kept playing dumb

The usual suspects from the GOP side – Cow farmer and Uber Jumper Nunes, sexual abuse enabler and suit jacket hater Gym Jordan, and fake resume submitter Ratcliffe all played dumb. Their line of defense was essentially this – Ukrainians got their aid from the US after all and that impeachment is a witch hunt.

Ukraine did receive the aid from the US but only after Trump tried to extort them about the Bidens and got caught. Last time we checked, attempted murder is still a crime, why does the same logic doesn’t apply here in the minds of Republicans?

Taylor’s testimony gets corroborated

AP reported today that another US official Suriya Jayanti, a foreign service office based in Kyiv backed up Taylor about the Trump-Sondland phone convo. The evidence keeps piling up. It’s foot on neck season for real.

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