Quest Diagnostics, the world’s largest blood-testing company, revealed that there was a data breach that exposed personal info of up to 12M people.

Did the hackers get lab results, too?

AMCA, the billing contractor for Quest that was the primary target of the hacking, says lab testing results didn’t get affected but also added that the extent of the breach remained unclear. Make of that what you will.

The hackers were able to get their hands on many other important data, tho – including SSN, financial (banking and CC), and medical data.

Hackers want your medical info but healthcare companies aren’t doing enough

Healthcare was the most targeted industry by hackers globally in 2018 Рaccounting for  25% of 750 reported cybersecurity breaches. US healthcare firms suffered a record number of data breaches last year as well.

However, healthcare firms are actually paying less attention and money to protect your most sensitive and private information. Conformance level of healthcare companies to govt security standards went down last year.

New law would let corps patent individual human genes

Meanwhile, the Senate is prepping a bill that would allow corporations to patent our genes. That means, if company A patents a gene linked to cancer, then only company A would be able to experiment, develop, and sell any treatments or therapies linked to that gene.

The new law would not only let companies jack up prices and undermine medical research but it also goes against the legal precedent that products of nature (our genes, in this case) can’t be patented. The senators pushing the bill have been holding closed-door roundtables with industry reps.¬†Looks like healthcare companies spent the $ they skimped on cybersecurity on lobbyists, instead.




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