DTF POST Interviews

Jessica Wu

I want to denormalize overworking. There is only so much one can do without ending up burnt out or hitting a wall.

Rev. David Telfort

I want to denormalize our silence around white supremacy and its driving force behind the violence, we see in America.


I want to denormalize domestic abuse and the heteronormative narrative in media and television.

Brendan Chareoncharutkun

I want to denormalize money as a measurement for happiness. Even though we need it, our lives shouldn’t be centered around the pursuit of it. 

Jaylen Strong

I want to denormalize talking to “strangers.” And I say this with the crystalline understanding that to speak to, say, a random person on the street, comes with certain privileges.

Ernest Baker

I want to denormalize the idea that you need to work yourself to death to get ahead.

Sarah Kim

I want to denormalize our contemporary culture's framework for success and failure.

Mike Cherman

I want to denormalize people thinking that the Internet brings them validation.

Alexandria Spencer Foot

I want to denormalize drinking culture as a way to make connections. Aspirational drinking to numb out the world isn’t a sustainable way to go through life.

Devin B. Johnson

I want to denormalize hypermasculinity within the black community.