Nah it really happened. The headline is all facts. Just take a look at the short video below.

Look at him all giddy imagining the publicity he’ll get from this. Clown shit.

Anyways…here’s how it all happened.

“Lap Dog” Barr

Attorney General Bill Barr auditioned for his job by randomly submitting an unsolicited 19-page paper about how the president is above the law. Of course, Trump liked what he saw and picked him as AG. Ever since then, he’s been hard at work being the defense lawyer (Fox news called him that, not us ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) for Donny. House Speaker Pelosi called Barr a “lap dog” for Trump. Barr’s perhaps most well-known for the 4-page summary of the Mueller report he put out in March – a not so subtle attempt to clear Trump from obstruction of justice charges when the 448-page report actually contained mountains of evidence that Trump did obstruct justice, multiple times.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a man of few words (some even predicted that he’d never say a word about his investigation) but Barr’s summary was so misleading even he had to break his silence. Earlier this week, it was revealed that Mueller had sent a letter to the DOJ in response to Barr’s summary that it “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of his work. On Wednesday at a Senate hearing, Barr fired back by saying Mueller’s letter was “snitty” and dismissing it as something that’s “probably written by one of his staff people”.

Chicken prop shit show

Yesterday was the House’s turn to question Barr but since the House is majority Dem unlike the Senate, Barr no-showed.

Then things took a strange turn.

Steve Cohen, a Dem congressman, brought out a bucket of KFC and began to devour fried chicken at the hearing while pointing out the empty seat where Barr was supposed to sit.

Yeah, we get it. Barr chickened out. Ha ha.

One would think, instead of staging a low-grade publicity stunt, Dems would actually do something about Trump and his cronies. The Mueller report was him basically laying out the case for impeachment for the Congress to follow through. However, Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that impeachment is “too good” for Trump.



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