It’s been a wild week for the illegitimate (Jimmy Carter said it, not us) president. As usual, Trump did many headline-grabbing things nothing of substance actually got done. Here’s a quick recap.

Blamed the border crisis on Dems

Last Wednesday, before heading to Japan for the G20 summit, Trump blamed Democrats for inaction on border security. This happened only hours after House Dems actually passed $4.5 Bil funding for border security and also not even 24 hrs after the heartbreaking photo of drowned El Salvadorian father and daughter in Rio Grande river got published.

Reunited with Putin and fantasized about getting rid of journalists

Trump linked up with his big homie Vlad at the summit and waste no time getting into the twilight zone. Trump, who views the press as the “enemy of the people”, envied how his dictator friend Putin doesn’t suffer from bad press – well, that’s because 26 journalists have been murdered in Russia since Putin assumed power. Exactly the kinda thing Trump would be jealous about.

Refused to sign climate accord and lied about water and air conditions of the US

At the summit, Trump doubled down on his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord and gave strangely transparent reasoning, saying “we have the best (corporate profit) numbers that we’ve ever had recently. I’m not looking to put our companies out of business”. Basically admitting as long as his pockets are lined from corporate lobbying, he won’t do shit about global heating.

That transparency didn’t last long, tho. Trump added “we have the cleanest water we’ve ever had, we have the cleanest air we’ve ever had”.

Actually, according to AP, on a scale from the cleanest to the dirtiest, the U.S. is at 123 out of 195 countries measured in air quality and about 24,000 Americans die from smog pollution every year and last time we checked, the water situation in Flint was still fucked up.

(By the way, Harvard just named ex-Michigan governor Rick Snyder who’s responsible for the Flint crisis, as a Harvard fellow. White people failing upwards is a very real thing)

Orchestrated a photo-op with KJU via Twitter

Trump’s Twitter fingers stay itchy. He set up via Twitter an impromptu meeting in Korea with fellow dictator homie Kim Jong-Un after the G20 summit. During the meeting, he briefly crossed over to NK territory, becoming the first US president to step foot in the country but other than that, nothing really happened. Trump made sure to bring Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson there to broadcast it, tho.

Trump also seems to have been inspired by KJU’s dictator hobbies. He said that there will be tanks marching for the July 4th parade. Experts say the weight of the tanks will actually collapse the Lincoln Memorial – maybe that could be a poetic symbolism for #45. Whatever the case, clout chasing is a disease.


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