Special Counsel Robert Mueller said at the press conference last week that “there were multiple, systematic efforts to interfere in our election” and it was revealed last month that Russians hacked the voting systems of 2 Florida counties. Makes sense to pass a bill to strengthen election security, right? Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate Majority leader blocked it with the quickness.

The Putin Accomplice

Recently, New York magazine outright called McConnell a “Putin Accomplice”. They have a pretty compelling case:

Seems like there’s a clear pattern of shady connections between Mitch and Russia here. But shit gets deeper than just Russia, tho.

Cocaine Mitch’s Chinese connection

NYTimes reported over the weekend that McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao posed major security threats and conflicts of interest concerns. Why? Because Chao, a Chinese shipping empire heiress, is the secretary at the Department of Transport. Chao’s company was once accused of smuggling millions of $ worth of cocaine from Columbia to Europe and the scandal gave McConnell the nickname “Cocaine Mitch”.

The Chao family has been a big McConnell supporter even before the marriage and it’s suspected that McConnell, the most powerful lawmaker in the US, in turn, engineered his wife’s appointment at DOT. Even after her appointment, Chao casually attended her company’s events and has been accused of stifling the department’s budget on the US shipping sector.

The Power-over-everything ideology

One might reasonably wonder at this point – is Mitch McConnell selling out the country? Well, yeah, but there’s more to Cocaine Mitch than just some nefarious foreign connections as he’s been destroying shit domestically for years as well.

Perhaps the most notorious evil power move was his 2016 blocking of Obama’s nomination of progressive Supreme Court judge Merrick Garland after the conservative judge Scalia passed away unexpectedly (his excuse was that 2016 was election year and America should let the new president decide). Trump, in 2017, filled that vacancy with conservative Neil Gorsuch and then added alcoholic predator Brett Kavanaugh soon after – setting the scene for backward ass shit like abortion ban to pop up for decades to come.

However, when asked last week if he’ll block the nomination again in the event a Supreme Court judge dies in 2020, he smirked and said he’d let Trump fill it. Total hypocrisy, but that’s just another day’s Mitch’s world. In fact, to him, there’s no such thing as hypocrisy – if it helps you grab and retain power, then by definition, it’s good.

Washington Post said his tombstone should say “He broke America”, USNews called him the “destroyer of norms”, CNN analyst Susan Hennessey called him “the true villain of some of the ugliest moments in this period of US history.”, and CNBC called him “the living, breathing, calculating face of everything that is wrong with our current politics.”

All valid claims, but the thing is Mitch McConnell doesn’t give a single fuck what you or anybody thinks. Remember the Cocaine Mitch attack a few paragraphs above? McConnell is proudly selling a Cocaine Mitch t-shirt on his website. The tagline? “Become an official member of the Cartel!”.

Live look inside Mitch McConnell’s brain



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