The University of Cambridge discovered that Coke had the power to block and kill unfavorable results when they worked with universities.

“Industry funded research is marketing research, not scientific research.”

According to Cambridge U’s report, Coke retained the right to “quash studies” it didn’t like or “pressure researchers using the threat of termination” in at least five agreements between 2015 ~ 2016.

Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition and public health at NYU said that the report was “jaw dropping” and added, “industry-funded research is marketing research, not scientific research.”

Coke’s dirty tactics

Nestle, author of the book “Soda Politics”, is familiar with Coke’s bullying ways – Coke was caught sending spies to her speeches. She said she assumes “someone from Coca-Cola is taking notes at every talk I give and reporting it to headquarters”.

Monitoring its critics isn’t the only dirty tactic Coke’s been doing. In recent years, the company was accused of:

Coke when they see anti-sugar research results



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