Huffpost reports that corals along Great Barrier Reef fared better last year than 2016, when 30% of the reef got wiped out.

Corals are toughing it out

Let’s be clear, we didn’t do anything right – ocean temperature actually got hotter last year. It’s just that corals are going through a “forced evolution” to stay alive. Plus, more vulnerable species of coral reefs already died in 2016 – leaving behind tougher species that survived last year’s heat event.

New technologies to save coral reefs

Over half a billion people depend on coral reef ecosystem for food, income, and protection and scientists are working hard to preserve it. Earlier this year, Stanford scientists successfully edited coral genes for the first time – opening doors for making corals more heat-tolerant in the future. Also, new algae species that help corals survive heat were found in the Southern Arabian Gulf in 2015.

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