A federal judge in Manhattan yesterday blocked a request from Trump to stop Deutsche Bank from submitting his family’s financial records to Congress.

The Deutsche Connection

Trump and Deutsche Bank go way back. Over the past two decades:

Why did Deutsche do all this for a guy who’s had multiple¬†bankruptcies? Shit obviously ain’t adding up and Dems wanted to find out.

Fed Judges Strike Back

Last month, House Dems requested Deutsche to submit extensive records linked to Trump, Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric, and several Trump Organization entities, as well as records of ties they might have to foreign entities.

Foreign entities? Hmm.

In 2017, Deutsche bank paid more than $600M in fine for laundering $10 billion worth of Russian money. So Trump’s main bank just happens to be the same bank that washed billions of dirty money for the Russians? Interesting.

Trump, acting like a totally innocent person, tried to block the bank from releasing the records to Congress. However, NY federal judge Edgardo Ramos ruled yesterday that Deutsche should go ahead and hand over the files. Earlier this week, a federal judge in Washington ruled that Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars, must comply with House Dems request for Trump’s financial records as well.

Federal Judges to Trump

Trump’s feeling the pressure

Yesterday, he stormed out of a meeting with Dem leaders and threatened to stop all legislative issues if Dems don’t drop their investigations into him. Trump was under so much pressure his room temperature IQ came out – he was seen holding a hand-written note that said the Dems have no “achomlishments”. Don’t forget, Deutsche bank loaned billions of $ to this genius. Hopefully, we’ll get to see why soon.

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