Holden Matthews, who is believed to be behind the burning of three black churches in Louisiana was arrested yesterday.

Vodka Vulture

Matthews, the son of local sheriff deputy, was a lead singer of a black metal band called Vodka Vultures and was also an active member of black metal community on Facebook and broadcasted his criminal plans on the day he set fire to one of the churches by posting he will take “Arson/assassin/bard”¬†when asked by another guy in the group to choose between wizard, fighter, sniper, assassin, guardian and warrior. Stringer Bell is rolling in his grave right now.

This dude also bought gas cans and lighters at a local Walmart with a debit card in his name and was caught in surveillance photos and cellphone signals in the areas of the fires. Not only is he a racist arsonist but obviously dude isn’t the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.

Global rise of White nationalism

Despite what Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson want you to believe, White nationalism has become a global threat. Matthews was influenced by Varg Vikernes, a Norwegian black metal musician known for racist ideologies who murdered a bandmate and burned down three churches himself. Brenton Tarrant, the New Zealand mass shooter, cited Trump, the US president, as a “symbol of White identity”.

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