A new study by the non-profit science org Climate Central says up to 630M people globally could be living in areas below flood levels by year 2100. We’d be dead by then you might say, how about this, just 30 years from now, the land occupied by 340M people could be below high tide level – chances are, you’d still be alive in 2050, right?

Coastal cities are fucked

We suggest you get your passport ready and get to traveling now because according to the report, many of the major coastal cities globally won’t be livable 30 years from now. Things especially don’t look good for coastal cities in Asia.

The following are some of the cities at risk: Shanghai, Tokyo, Jakarta, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangkok. Overall, more than 70% of the people living in high-risk areas are in 8 Asian countries: China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Japan.

Fight or Flight

The researchers at Climate Central came up with the new #s using a more comprehensive model incorporating 23 variables including population, vegetation, and city architecture. They say previous predictions painted optimistic pictures because they only relied on elevation data.

Earlier this year, we talked about how Indonesia is planning to move its capital from Jakarta to somewhere safer from flooding and other cities like Tokyo are building seawalls to protect themselves from rising sea levels. However, not all at-risk cities and towns are equipped with resources to either move or protect themselves.

Laugh now cry later

100s of Ms of people getting displaced and becoming climate refugees will become a reality in 30 years. You’d think that’d be enough of a warning sign for humans to stop global heating but just last year, we hit all-time high global carbon emissions. Looks like we just don’t have the capacity to think long-term…

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