This year, Trump admin banned US embassies from flying rainbow flags during Pride Month. Diplomats got spine, tho. Some embassies are flying the flag proudly.

Why did the Trump admin ban the flag in the first place?

Because it was the Obama admin that directed the embassies to promote LGBT+ rights back in 2011. You already know Trump hates everything Obama. Affordable health care somehow became an evil thing just because Obama’s name was attached to it.

Mike Pompeo, the state secretary who oversees diplomatic relations, has not issued a statement for Pride Month for two years in a row. He did not attend the State Department’s annual Pride Day event, either.

Some embassies are giving Trump the middle finger

Despite the petty ban, there are diplomats around the world that are defying the admin’s order. Embassies in Seoul and Chennai, India are displaying large rainbow flags on their building facades, New Delhi embassy installed rainbow colored lighting on the wall of its office, and embassies in Santiago, Vienna, Nepal, and Jerusalem all posted photos of rainbow flags online.

These diplomats really mean it

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