Yesterday, Nate Silver, the stat guru famous for getting the election predictions right (or,  less wrong in 2016), put out a disclaimer for his 2020 predictions that there’s a real chance of “extraconstitutional shenanigans” happening in the upcoming election and that his methods won’t be able to take them into account when making predictions. Basically saying “Trump and his team will pull some fuck shit in November so don’t blame me if I get the predictions wrong”.

“I don’t fight fair, I’m dirty, dirty.” – 50 cent

People are beyond fed up with racism and inequality, the # of people infected with Covid-19 just hit 5M nationally, and the economy is fucked – just a few reasons why Joe Biden is polling ahead of the WH occupant. A sane person with an iota of decency would at least try to come up with a comprehensive plan and address those issues head on. Not president Cheetos skin, tho – He’d rather cheat.

Nate Silver’s 538 website went on to publish an article this morning outlining the 5 strategies Trump and the Repubs are using to undermine the upcoming election.

  1. Opposing changes to make it easier to vote amid Covid-19
  2. Seeking to invalidate laws that make it easier to vote amid Covid-19
  3. Advancing new practices and provisions that make it harder to vote
  4. Anti-democratic rhetoric
  5. Fundamental changes to the electoral process

You’re probably already being affected negatively from his dirty tactics now. USPS deliveries getting lost or being delayed? You can thank Trump for installing one of his cronies at the top position at USPS to sabotage the postal system so he can undermine the mail-in voting process.

Today’s Op-ed by Jamelle Bouie in NYTimes addresses how we can ruin Trump’s plans and here’s a quick excerpt of the piece:

“if you plan to vote against Trump and can take appropriate precautions, then some kind of hand delivery — going to the polls or bringing your mail-in ballot to a “drop box” — will be the best way to protect your vote from the president’s concerted attempt to undermine the election.”

We suggest you read the whole thing so you can get ready as it becomes clearer and clearer that Trump will try some foul shit this fall.


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