West coast’s Dungeness crab fishery has been damaged by rising sea temperature and the fishermen in Cali and Oregon are suing big oil companies for their roles in global warming.

What is this about?

The lawsuit is filed against 30 fossil fuel companies including Exxon, Chevron, BP, and Shell. The fishermen, who lost $110M in 2015~16 season, are claiming those 30 companies (who are responsible for 15% of global carbon emissions over the past 50 yrs) have been “knowingly causing harm” to the environment.

Will Big Oil clean up their act?

Nope. Exxon saw these kinds of court battles were coming and tried to pull a slick move – advocating for carbon tax on the surface but requesting immunity from all future lawsuits on the low. Chevron had the nerve to say that the lawsuit is actually “counterproductive to real solutions to climate change”.

Time to force them to pay up

This lawsuit is the first time food producers are suing fossil fuel industry. If they win, this could open up the gates for more litigations from industries hit by global warming and force big oil to pay up for the all the damage they caused.

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