Exclusive footage of Flynn’s interview w/ Mueller

Special counsel Robert Mueller dropped the sentencing memo for former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn last night and recommended no jail time for Flynn’s “substantial assistance”.

Flynn must’ve been singing like prime Luther Vandross

The memo says Flynn’s cooperation was “valuable” and he provided “first-hand info” about the content and context of interactions b/w the Trump transition team and Russian government officials. The memo also reveals Flynn had 19(!) interviews with team Mueller.

I forgot, who’s Mike Flynn and why is he cooperating?

Mike Flynn, a retired US Army Lt. General, was one of the first guys to jump on the Trump wagon. You might remember him as the screaming white guy who wanted to lock Hillary up. Remember that guy Trump pressured former FBI director James Comey to go easy on? Yeah, that was Mike Flynn, too. He agreed to cooperate with team Mueller after he pleaded guilty in December 2017 for lying to the FBI about his contacts with the Russian ambassador during transition.

Expect more unhinged, rage tweets from Trump

Flynn was a key figure in team Trump and him spilling his guts to Mueller is a very bad news for Trump. Mueller, by suggesting no jail time, has effectively pardoned Flynn as well. So Trump can’t dangle the pardon card to Flynn, either, which will no doubt frustrate Trump even more. We think it’s safe to say Trump’s little twitter fingers will get busy soon.

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