*11/28/2018 updates: China to investigate the baby gene-editing, More than 100 Chinese scientists call it “Crazy”, He Jiankui (the guy who created gene-edited babies) doubles down

MIT Technology Review says a group of scientists at China are creating genetically edited babies.

What’s a genetically edited baby?
Scientists are working on this technology called CRISPR to “edit” the genes of humans – to make them healthier, smarter, stronger. You know there are GMO corns that are supposedly pest-resistant. Apparently some smart folks thought, corns are boring, why don’t we mess with human DNAs?

“Why play with fire? You burn” – Jay-Z
Once an embryo is edited, the changes will be inherited by future generations and could eventually fuck up the entire gene pool. It gets deeper, at first, only the rich would be able to drop bags on gene-editing – what happens to the rest of us with regular genes? What if country A decides to create a super human army of gene-edited soldiers? Should rest of the world follow suit? Former US Spy Chief James Clapper called the tech could be “weapons of mass destruction”. Too many questions but not enough answers so let us just close this with the video below.


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