As you probably know by now, Rudy Giuliani has gotten himself eyeballs-deep in the Ukraine collusion shit show and emerged as one of the main characters alongside the WH Occupant. Adding on to the drama, APNews revealed yesterday Rudy and his homies were actively pressuring the Ukraine govt to profit off from Ukraine’s state-run energy company.

Deep divin’ into the swamp

The cousin-marrier’s defense for soliciting Ukraine’s help in digging dirt on the Bidens so far has been that he was just trying to “fight corruption” in Ukraine (which is, of course, bullshit). Now that his own corruptions have surfaced, that whole defense is out the window.

AP says Giuliani’s associates pressured the Ukraine govt to replace the board members of its gas company Naftogaz and install their cronies so that they’ll get 1st dibs on lucrative gas contracts with Ukraine. According to the report, Rudy’s homies even knew the US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch would be recalled to put someone friendlier to their biz interests three months before it actually happened.

Wrong & Strong Rudy

Giuliani played a central role in pressuring the Ukrainian govt to investigate the Bidens. Obviously, soliciting foreign help to attack your political rival itself is very treasonous, but it gets doubly sketchy when you know Rudy doesn’t even hold an official position with the Trump admin and inserted himself in all the fuckeries simply as Trump’s personal lawyer.

Thing is, dudes like Rudolph have been getting away with so much shit for so long, they don’t even bother to cover their tracks. Instead, with the help from Fox News, they just openly admit to and double down on all the foul shit they did – knowing their Republican base will normalize their corrupt behaviors and give them a pass.

The tide is slowly turning

This time, though, chances of Rudy’s wrong and strong tactics working out well for him doesn’t seem very high. Dems have pretty clear looking smoking guns such as the whistleblower complaint (with more to come) & the recently released text msgs from Trump admin diplomats. Plus they now have the momentum of formal impeachment inquiry and the power to bring in and grill shady dudes like Rudy at Congress.

The prophet Nas told us way back in the mid-90s that Giuliani is 666 – let’s see if Rudy gets dealt with this time.

“Giuliani is 666” – Nas

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