Google announced they’re gonna shut down Google+ in April 2019. Oh, and they also casually mentioned they leaked data of 52M people to developers

R.I.P. Google+

Google+ been dead. “Hey, hit me up on Google+!” said no one ever. So yeah, Google killing Google+ isn’t really newsworthy.

R.I.P. Our privacy, too.

You know what’s also been dead, though? Our privacy. The damage from Google+ data breach is likely to be small as no one really uses Google+ but the trend is concerning. We trusted these tech companies with our data and the thanks we get is either

1) them being willy-nilly with our data or

2) them trying to make $ off of our data

It’s been reported yesterday that Equifax, the credit rating company that lost data of 148M consumers, could’ve easily prevented the hacking if they followed some basic rules. Plus, recent leaked emails reveal that Facebook, which exposed data of more than 30M people, considered selling user data to advertisers. We’re getting treated like Warren G out here. Wish Nate Dogg was here to regulate.

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