Donald Trump got impeached by the House yesterday. Will he actually be removed by the Senate? Moscow Mitch and his Repub homies run the Senate so Trump will still get to stay at the WH. What’s the point, then? Well, let us break it down.

It’s the right thing to do.

It is literally the Congress’ job to keep the executive branch in check.┬áThe 2018 Blue wave happened because people wanted the House reps to hold Trump accountable. We all know the GOP Senators will protect Trump no matter what but not putting up a fight in the presence of blatant corruptions and crimes because we might lose is some weak loser shit. You do what you’re supposed to do and let the chips fall where they may.

It puts major pressure on Donnie’s fragile ego.

Impeachment puts a permanent stain on Trump’s name. He will forever go down as the president who got impeached. Trump, from this point on, will become even more unhinged and in the process, dig up his own grave.

Last night, at a rally in Michigan, Trump attacked the late Dem Michigan Congressman John Dingell, suggesting he may be in hell looking up. John Dingell was a WWII war hero who served in the Congress for 60 years. The Dingell fam is not who you wanna go after when you’re in Michigan, but Trump’s POS tendencies just had to come out. Why? Dude is under pressure and can’t handle it.

Trump prob won’t be removed but he still needs to win the 2020 election and he just lowered his chances of winning Michigan. Put him under constant pressure and let him keep shooting himself in the foot. That’s the long game we gotta play.

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