Congressional Oversight? Nah, I’m out.

Secretary of the interior Ryan Zinke resigned Saturday, leaving behind a tainted legacy of double digit federal investigations into his behaviors and weakened environmental policies.

Who is Ryan Zinke?

The secretary of the interior oversees America’s natural resources and is also in charge of regulating coal mining and oil and gas development in the oceans off US coasts. Ryan Zinke started his tenure at this powerful job by riding a horse to the office on his first day. Not a good sign.

He then went on to….

Why is he out?

Democrats took the House back in the midterms – which means there will be congressional investigations into Ryan Zinke in addition to all the fed investigations mentioned above. So dude basically said “fuck all that, I’m outta here”. Deputy secretary David Bernhardt is likely to be promoted to fill his position – his background? Oil lobbyist.


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