Looks like Trump isn’t the only who’s trying to bring coal back. G20 nations have almost tripled the subsidies for coal-fired power plants in recent years.

Coal World: The Mainline Story

Coal-fired power was the biggest single contributor to the rise in carbon emissions in 2018 and it doesn’t look like it’s going to go away any time soon. The Overseas Development Institute discovered that the average annual amount of financial and tax subsidies given to coal-fired power plants by G20 nations increased from $17bn in 2014 to $47bn in 2017.

China and India gave out the most to coal, then Japan was 3rd, then South Africa and South Korea 4th and 5th, then Indonesia and the US. Not condoning what they’re doing but you kinda expect still-developing countries like China and India to rely on coal power. And sadly, with Trump in charge, it’s not surprising to see the US on the list (the Trump admin just recently rolled back the Obama-era regulation on coal).

But Japan, whose prime minister Abe said just last year that “Climate change can be life-threatening to all generations. We must take more robust actions and reduce the use of fossil fuels”, being the 3rd biggest supporter of coal-power plants is pretty disappointing. We’re looking at you S.Korea, too.

World leaders keep making empty promises while the earth is dying

Japan will host the G20 summit on Friday. 10 years ago, the G20 nations met and pledged to phase out the subsidies, the exact opposite of what they’re doing now. Govt leaders making empty promises is nothing new. What’s different this time is that the future of the planet is being held hostage by these politicians. It’s time to hold them accountable.


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