Yesterday, the Wikileaks co-founder was taken out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he was holed up for 7 years

Who is this guy again?

Assange is an interesting character to say the least. He first came on the scene as a “hacktivist” against American Imperialism back in 2010 and gained a lot of following.

Things started to take weird turns – he got hit with sexual assault allegations in Sweden in 2010, somehow got political asylum status at the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012, and in 2016, re-emerged as a Russia-propagandist behind DNC and Hillary Clinton email hackings and leaks during the election.

Pamela Anderson’s favorite shit smearer

The trend of shit getting weird with him continued, it was recently revealed that he would smear his shit on the walls while living in Ecuadorian embassy and Pamela Anderson of all people became his most vocal supporter.

What’s gonna happen to him and what would it mean?

Assange is likely to be sent to the US where he will face a maximum of 5 years behind bars for conspiring to hack secret US govt info. The scope of the charge is limited to his 2010 hackings for now. It isn’t yet clear if the DOJ is going to slap more charges against him for his role in 2016 DNC hackings (our guess is probably not, as the DOJ has become a Trump protection machine under new AG Bill Barr)

As mentioned earlier, in 2016, Assange, via his Wikileaks, published hacked emails of Hillary Clinton he received from Russian hackers. Donald Trump, who benefited majorly from this, confessed his love for Wikileaks during his campaigns as well.

Last year, the Russian hackers got indicted by Robert Mueller and Roger Stone, a close associate of Trump, is now facing charges for lying about his contacts with Assange.

Trump now knows nothing about Wikileaks

Meanwhile, when asked about Wikileaks yesterday, Trump lied his ass off and said that “he knows nothing about Wikileaks”. Typical.

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