Wisconsin’s Republican-controlled state legislature, in a lame-duck session, voted to limit the powers of incoming Dem. Governor Tony Evers.

Okay, that does sound lame, am I reading it right?

Yes. GOP lawmakers of Wisconsin, who held on to majority in Nov. midterm elections thanks to manipulated voting maps despite losing popular vote (btw. aren’t we sick of hearing this?) don’t want the incoming Democratic governor to fulfill his campaign promises. So they sneak-passed bills early morning that will make it hard for the new governor to provide affordable healthcare, expand voting rights, and renegotiate on a terrible deal (we’ll get to this in a moment) made by the outgoing GOP governor Scott Walker. Walker, who only has 5 weeks left, is expected to sign the bills.

That’s some shameful shit

Indeed. Some protesters gave the GOP lawmakers the Cersei treatment (see tweet below) but it wasn’t enough to stop Republicans from passing the bills.

Conned by Foxconn

Blocking people from getting affordable healthcare and limiting voting rights are usual Republican BS but what makes the situation worse is the horrible deal made by outgoing GOP governor Scott Walker. Let’s break down how badly he got finessed.

Incoming governor Evers promised to right the wrongs when he begins his term in January but Republican lawmakers just made it harder for him to renegotiate. Very #MAGA of them.


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