Trump admin made a disastrous change to Endangered Species Act this week – making it possible to consider “economic factors” before categorizing a species as endangered or threatened. Yet another case of #45 and his cronies just blatantly fucking up our environment – all for the $$$

What is ESA?

Endangered Species Act, which protects more than 1,500 species and plants, was signed into law by Nixon in 1973. ESA played a crucial role in saving 55 endangered species including the Bald Eagle, California Condor, Grey Wolves, Humpback Whales, Louisiana Black Bears, and more.

Why would anybody want to ruin that?

Because ESA got in the way of money making for developers, mining and fossil fuel companies – who are all in bed with this administration. Prominent members of this admin, such as Susan Combs, Interior’s assistant secretary for policy, management & budget, once likened the law as “incoming SCUD missiles” against the economy of her home state Texas. Karen Budd-Falen, Interior’s deputy solicitor for fish, wildlife & parks, has called the ESA “a sword to tear down the American economy”. You read that right, the deputy solicitor for fish, wildlife, and parks said that outrageous shit.

These people are not even trying to hide their motives at all. As mentioned above, the new rules will allow regulators to conduct economic assessments — for example, estimating lost revenue from a prohibition on building a resort in a critical habitat — when deciding if a species warrants protection.

You already know how these ‘assessments’ will go.

That’s not all

The revision will also no longer include species in critical habitat requirements if the habitat destruction is a consequence of climate change, which will make it difficult to find and protect safe areas where the animals could migrate to.

Remember, just a few months ago, UN published a report that said around 1M species are at risk of extinction due to climate change. But nah, Trump just wanna accelerate the extinction process.

There’s more… (unfortunately)

Going forward, the new rules will also eliminate federal protections for threatened species (species that aren’t yet on the endangered list or downlisted from the endangered list) – making it perfectly legal to harass, harm, shoot, or kill them.

Even Richard Nixon is rolling in his grave right now.

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