High amounts of Microplastic were found in remote parts of Pyrenees mountains.

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Researchers found 365 plastic particles per square meter, an amount you’d expect to find in industrial cities in China, on average every day 4500 feet up in pristine parts of Pyrenees mountains.

Obviously, the microplastics must’ve been transported by wind from somewhere else – but as of now, scientists know “basically nothing about how they move”.

RIP Clean Air

Remember feeling bad about the dead sea animals found with microplastics in their bodies? The same thing is happening to us.

Microplastics, less than 5mms long and invisible to the naked eye, can be inhaled by humans. This research means it is now impossible to escape those tiny particles even in remote areas like Pyrenees mountains.

Here’s what we have to do

According to a study published Monday, to save the earth from drowning in plastic and curb global warming, we need to follow below 4 strategies :

  • 50% reduction in growth in demands for plastic
  • Ramp up production of plant-based plastics instead of chemical ones
  • Source electricity from renewable energy
  • Increase recycling

The scientists say aggressively implementing all 4 strategies at the same time is the only solution because “we have no alternative future that’s obvious to us”.

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