Feds paid the firm of Trump’s former Tax lawyer Ed Burke a visit and meanwhile in germany, Deutsche Bank got raided by police.

Deutsche Bank’s shady business
In the early 1990’s, Trump collapsed financially and owed major US banks about $3.4 billion. Curiously, Deutsche Bank came to his rescue when other major banks closed door on him and started lending 100s of Ms to Trump, including a $640M loan for Trump Chicago. Why was Deutsche Bank so open to do business with Trump despite his past failures? Robert Mueller is trying to find out – as he directed the bank to submit Trump-related data. Interesting thing is, Deutsche Bank was also recently fined $630M for laundering $10 Bil – where did the money come from? Russia.

Ed Burke and Trump Chicago
Ed Burke, was the tax lawyer for Trump for many years and helped Trump get his property taxes for the Chicago properties lowered for more than $14M. Details for the raid yesterday isn’t yet known but it’s interesting that both Trump’s personal and tax lawyers are becoming the targets of law enforcements. Mueller closing in? We’ll see.

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