Gangstas to Growers, a program started by an ambitious activist, is developing young ex-cons into urban farmers in Atlanta

From street pharmacists to urban farmers

About 68% of young ex-cons end up back in jail. To break this cycle, food industry vet Abiodun Henderson founded Gangstas to Growers, which aims to help them get a chance at making an honest living through urban agriculture. Not only does the program teach trainees how to grow crops, trainees also get paid $15 per hour as well. Oh, and there’s free yoga class every morning.

Growers got the sauce now

The urban farmers may be new to farming but their product is pro level. Sweet Sol, a hot sauce made by Gangstas to Growers got great review by Bon Appetit magazine. Henderson expects to accept 40 young ex-cons in 2019 and wants to train more than 500 by 2025. You can help her reach that goal by grabbing Sweet Sol here. (Disclaimer: we have no relationship whatsoever with Gangstas to Growers)

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