A new report says more than 2M Americans, many of them Native Americans, don’t have access to clean water.

Sing about us

3 out of 1,000 White Americans lack plumbing. Native Americans, tho? The # jumps up almost 2,000% to 58 out of 1,000. When you zoom in, the #s get way more depressing.

Basically, the often overlooked demographics – people of color, working-class people in rural areas, tribal communities, and immigrants are the most vulnerable to America’s water crisis.

Dying of thirst

The Indian Health Service says it would cost $200M to provide water and sanitation access on the Navajo Nation. A lotta $ but not really when you think about the fact that you can cover that and still have $1.3Billy leftover just from the amount FedEx saved from the Trump tax cuts in 1 year.

We’re not getting our hopes up, tho. Residents of Flint and Newark are still suffering from the lead-poisoned water crisis. Wanna know what they did? 5 months ago, prosecutors dropped all criminal charges against people responsible for Flint’s water crisis.

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