Big Pun the Prophet

Add Puerto Rico‘s name to the growing list of US states and regions that have pledged to convert their energy sources to 100% renewable energy.

Blackout to Green New Deal

Puerto Rico, which suffered the largest and longest (18 months) blackout in US history when hurricane Maria wiped out 80% of its power lines, signed a bill to rebuild its electricity grid with 100% renewable sources by 2050.

Local govts are stepping upĀ 

While the Trump admin has been busy gutting environmental policies, local governments have been steadily moving towards more transformative climate policy reforms. The total # of cities, counties, and states that have set 100% clean energy goals are now over 90.

Last week, Washington has become the fourth state after Hawaii, New Mexico, and Cali to commit to carbonless energy and on the city level, both New York and Chicago have adopted aggressive carbon-reduction bills earlier this month.

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