Following the attacks on the US military base in Iraq by Iran last night, Trump came out looking drugged up today (someone counted that he sniffed 58 times during the less than 10min speech) but fortunately for the humanity, appeared to be backing away from full military confrontation…for now.

Pumping the brakes

Iran’s attack last night, most likely on purpose to prevent further escalation but to still make a statement, didn’t have any US casualties. However, knowing Trump, we were still worried he might still try to take things further to the point of no return. Luckily, for now, it seems like cooler heads (that is, relative to Trump, let us be very clear) at the WH prevailed.

The speech wasn’t without typical Trump BS, tho.

Trump’s weird obsession with Obama continued today. He took a shot at the JCPOA deal the Obama admin made with Iran (which brought peace with Iran for the most part) that he broke (which caused the conflict we’re having now) and asked UK, Germany, France, Russia, and China to work together to make a new deal with Iran. The age-old trick of creating problems for no reason and trying to take credit for fake solving them. Sadly, his base will fall for those tricks every time. Because #MAGA.

Trump also went on to ask the NATO allies to be more involved in the Middle East – after antagonizing and belittling them all the time the past couple of years.

The nerve.

NATO after hearing Trump’s speech today.


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