Iowa Congressman Steve King is the type of racist to keep a Confederate flag on his desk even though his home state Iowa actually was a Union state. Earlier this year, he got kicked out of his committee positions for proudly wondering out loud why being a white supremacist is a bad thing. King, who’s now trying to take back his committee seats, is looking to Donald Trump to be his ally.

Loooooong history of racism

Really, it’s a long list. Let’s just do bullet points here:

However, with all this foul shit on his resume, King still got re-elected in last year’s midterm elections. Good job, Iowa…

“iT wAs A pOliTiCaL lYnCh mOb!”

Projection and persecution complex are pre-requisites for being full-blown racists like King. King’s racist ass had the nerve to paint himself as a victim of a lynching in this week’s interview he did with Politico about his comeback plans. So far, only a few of his Republican friends are on his side. However, King sees a powerful potential ally in Trump.

Earlier this year, when asked about King’s racist comments, Trump refused to answer the questions and only said he didn’t follow the controversy. King says he’s “satisfied” with Trump’s response and that he was recently invited to a White house immigration event.

King added, “The president and I are okay. If you notice, he’s not been part of this (so called political lynching)”.

Birds of a feather do flock together, it seems.


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