This page is divided into 2 parts: a list of articles & reports compiled by topics + a list of policy-focused organizations that you can get involved.
Why policy-focused orgs? Because our survival as human race depends on electing good politicians and implementing good policies – No exaggeration. Check this, just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions and the only way we can keep them in check is via better policies. There’s no federal regulations on facial recognition tech. You know the Feds watching, though. So how do we stop 1984 from becoming reality? You guessed it. Better policies.
So browse the articles and reports below, educate yourself, stay on point, and take action. Feel free to hit us up at if you know an organization or an article that should be added here. (By the way, we have no relationships with the orgs we listed. We just included them here because we thought they’re doing great work).


 Get to know 2020 Presidential Candidates  







 CREWPOGOCampaign For Accountability 

You don’t want your politicians to break rules. You don’t want your politicians to scam you. These orgs above use legal actions and research to keep corrupt politicians in check.

 ICIJ (Int’l Consortium of Investigative Journalists) 

You want the dirty secrets of the powerful to be exposed – these guys do that.

 Media Matters 

So we can get people like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham out the paint


They fight for economic, racial, and political equality.

 United We Dream 

#abolishICE Nuff Said.

 Run For Something   ARENA 

You’re better qualified than Donald Trump and inspired enough to scroll all the way down here to see these links. Might as well run for office, right? These guys help you do just that.


 Call Your Rep   Contacting Congress 

Politicians work for you. Don’t let them slack off. Find out who’s repping your district and put ’em to work.

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