Sandra Bland was stopped in Prairie View, Texas in 2015 for failing to signal a lane change. She was then arrested for allegedly kicking the trooper that stopped her. She was found hanging in a jail cell three days later.

Her cell phone video, which shows Texas trooper Brian Encinia screaming and threatening to taser her at the traffic stop that led to her arrest, was released for the first time yesterday nearly 4 years after her death.

“My safety was in jeopardy” was actually “I will light you up”

At the time, Encinia claimed that he was in fear of his safety. During internal interviews with Dept. of Public Safety officials, the state trooper said that his safety “was in jeopardy at more than one time”. Prosecutors, who initially charged Encinia with perjury, later dropped the charge and let him go.

However, the new footage clearly shows Encinia was the aggressor in the situation.

“Open up the case, period.” 

Officially, Ms. Bland’s death was concluded as suicide – a ruling her family members contested. Ms. Bland’s family maintains that regardless of how her death was classified, she should not have been jailed over a traffic stop in the first place.

Now that a new video directly contradicting Trooper Encinia’s version of events has surfaced, Ms. Bland’s family wants the case to be reopened. Shante Needham, Ms. Bland’s sister said “open up the case, period” after seeing the video and added, “We know they have an extremely, extremely good cover-up system.”

Unlike Encinia, she’s not lying. Cops are indeed extremely, extremely good at cover-ups.

Oscar Grant’s case was covered up, too. 

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the cop who pulled out Oscar Grant, an unarmed black man from BART train before a second cop came and brutally murdered Grant lied repeatedly to the investigators.

The cop, named Anthony Pirone, told investigators back in 2009 that he was “fighting for his life” when in fact he yelled the N-word at Grant, struck him in the head, and put his knee on Grant’s neck as his partner, Johannes Mehserle came and shot Grant in the back.

Pirone was never criminally charged and Mehserle only served 11 months.

“I can admit when I hear that another kid is shot by the popo, it ain’t an event no more.” – Andre 3000

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