Tax return to Donald Trump is like him facing high-wind without the MAGA hat. He doesn’t want his inflated net worth and shady financial practices to be aired out.

Mnuchin and Sanders, the human MAGA hats

That’s why Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin inserted himself to act as a human MAGA hat to block House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal’s request to the IRS for 6 years of Trump’s tax returns earlier this month. On Saturday, Neal filed a second request and gave the IRS a new deadline of April 23rd.

Upon hearing the request, press secretary Sarah Sanders offered a cute reason on Sunday why they won’t comply with the request – because the Democrats “aren’t smart enough” to look through “Trump’s decades of success”.

Follow the money

Tax docs open up a paper trail to a person’s detailed financial standings.

For example, NYTimes published a major report last year about how Trump used shady tax schemes to inherit 100’s of Ms of $ from his dad.

The report, based on Trump’s dad’s tax docs, debunked in detail the “self-made” fairy tale (Trump was a millionaire by the age of 8) Trump loves to ramble about and highlighted how deeply ingrained the pattern of shady money practices is in Trump’s family tree.

Now, imagine what we’ll be able to find out if we have Trump’s tax returns and you’ll see why Trump’s been refusing to release his tax returns and lying about them all along.

The fight to make what’s legal, legal.

Despite Trump admin’s bullshit reasons, it is clearly written in law that the House Committee can legally request anyone’s tax information.

However, Mnuchin said today that he’s “analyzing the law” and would consult with the Dept. of Justice, the same DOJ headed by another Trump protector Bill Barr, to see if he’ll cooperate with the request – basically saying, he won’t.

It’s obvious Mnuchin and Trump’s admin want this to be a long legal battle so they can buy some time for Trump. Let’s stay vigilant and not let the delay tactics frustrate us.

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