Don Jr. lays low and Ayers jumps ship

Donald Trump Jr., who allegedly played a key role in Trump-Russia collusion, is reportedly laying low in Canada away from reporters. Junior has been building up an impressive resume of unsavory behaviors of his own, like cheating on his wife with reality star Aubrey O’day and killing endangered wild animals like elephants and leopards for fun. He now looks to add “felon” on his resume as Rep. Jackie Speier told CNN Friday that Don Jr. lied to congress at least two times, which is a felony offense.

Nick Ayers abandons Trump

Trump fired chief of staff John Kelly over the weekend and was looking to replace him with Nick Ayers, chief of staff for VP Pence. Ayers however turned down the promotion offer and announced he’s leaving the white house. There were some speculations that Ayers made his money in a shady way and guess he didn’t want extra attention coming his way. Or perhaps he just saw the writings on the wall and jumped ship Theon Greyjoy style.

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