Feds let off some shots at Team Trump over the weekend. Let’s recap.

Trump is Individual 1 and Individual 1 committed crimes

On Friday, Feds in Southern District of NY filed sentencing guidelines for Trump’s former lawyer turned half-witness (more on the “half” part later) Michael Cohen. In the memo, SDNY said that during the campaign, Trump (referred as “Individual 1”) directed and worked with Cohen to pay hush money via shell companies to pornstars he slept with –  which is a felony violation of campaign finance law. This is the first time the Feds officially said Trump has committed crimes.

Will Trump go to jail for this?

Not right away, at least. There are conflicting views about whether a sitting president can be indicted. However, Congressman Adam Schiff (Top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee) said on CBS that Trump faces “real prospect of jail time” when he leaves office. Also, although Trump got hit with a stray shot, the SDNY investigation is about Michael Cohen, not Trump. So expect the charges against Individual 1 to grow when team Mueller, whose focus IS Trump, wraps up their investigation.

What did Mueller say?

Meanwhile, Team Mueller quietly filed their own version of sentencing memo for Cohen. Below are the key findings.

About the 2015 attempt to meet with Putin, BuzzFeed says that it was Ivanka Trump who tried to connect her pops with Putin. How? via a Russian Weightlifter. No joke, this meathead is who Ivanka Trump was working with to get to Putin.

Cohen took them 5

So yeah, what happened to Cohen? SDNY hit him with 5~6 yrs of jail time. Turns out he was lying to the prosecutors at first and refused to fully cooperate about his other crimes. We don’t yet know what those other crimes are but maybe he was listening to Juvenile and decided to take them 5 instead of coming all the way clean.


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