Bill Nye’sĀ been tellingĀ us about the dangers of global warming for years but his appeals fell on deaf ears. The science guy now wants us idiots to grow the fuck up and do something about the climate crisis.

“The planet is on fucking fire!”

Bill Nye appeared on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to help explain Carbon Pricing, a part of the Green New Deal resolution that aims to curb carbon emission. This time, the mild-mannered science guy was gone – see the video below (it’s only 41 secs)

What caused Bill Nye to break character?

Well, the planet is really on fucking fire and we’re not doing shit. The CO2 levels in the air recently hit the highest point in 800,000 years (no that’s not a typo) and the trend is accelerating. However, instead of doing something tangible to slow down global warming, Fox News and Republicans are still spewing bad-faith bullshit about Green New Deal – claiming that GND is anti-hamburger and something Stalin would’ve dreamt about. The Republican-controlled Senate shut down the Green New Deal resolution back in March as well.


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