Jeffrey Epstein, wealthy hedge funder and register sex offender who molested dozens of underage girls got “a deal of lifetime” from future Trump admin Labor Secretary Alex Acosta.

Who’s Jeffrey Epstein?
He made shitload of money from finance world and known to have powerful figures as his close friends – such as Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew. Trump once praised him back in 2002 saying he’s “Terrific guy”. However, he’s most famous for being a serial underage girl molester. He paid dozens of underage girls to perform sexual acts for him and used to invite his powerful friends to his parties and secretly film them doing unsavory things – possibly for blackmail purposes. Terrific guy? Maybe if you’re Donald Trump. Anyways, you’d think he had been thrown under the jail for that. Epstein was indeed facing life in prison but dude only served 13 months and dodged Fed charges. How? Because he cut a deal with then prosecutor and now Labor Secretary Alex Acosta.

What was the “Deal”
It’s been known that he snitched on some finance related crimes to avoid life in prison. However, the info he gave up is “unspecified” so we have no ways to find out if it was worth it (our guess is No) and as part of the deal, any potential co-conspirators (our guess is these must be his powerful friends in high places) of his crimes would get off free, too. So the deal practically shut down further investigation into potentially larger crime ring of rich, influential pedophiles as well. It gets worse, it was recently revealed that Alex Acosta, the prosecutor that gave Epstein this unusually favorable deal, broke federal law by not revealing the contents of the deal to the victims, robbing the girls’ chances to stop it. What’s fucked up is, Acosta, now as secretary of labor, is in charge of overseeing labor laws which includes laws about human trafficking. Just disgusting all around.

The civil case
The victims, have filed a separate civil case and the jury selection process for that begins next week. It gives them the chance to publicly speak about what really happened but possibly empty Epstein’s pockets. Justice was not served but we hope the victims at least get the monetary compensation they rightfully deserve.

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