So here we are…the GOP controlled Senate will acquit Trump this week (prob Wednesday) without even trying to put up a facade of going through a real impeachment trial process. The Republicans, as we all expected, made it 8K clear that they don’t give a fuck. We saw Alan Pedoshowitz arguing the prez can solicit foreign interference as long as it’s in public interest – in other words, Trump is above the law and Moscow Mitch ruthlessly wielding power to get the Repub senators in line and choose party over country. Again, we all saw this coming, that the Senate would never remove Trump, and that Trump’s cult base would still support him even if he shot someone on 5th ave (he kinda tried for real with Maria Yovanovich) but it doesn’t make this whole shitshow any less fucked up.

So what happens now?

Trump, crowned by his GOP cronies as King Donald I, will gloat and lie his ass off tomorrow’s SOTU. Expect to hear the usual impeachment was a hoax and witchhunt and how he’s totally vindicated – the same bullshit. And now knowing for sure that he has complete control over the GOP and feeling truly above the law, he’ll try his best to follow the footsteps of his big homie and dictator idol Vlad. Whatever despicable shit Trump’s been pushing for – dog-whistling his racist base, rolling back environmental protections, cutting tax for the rich, violating human rights at the border, packing the courts with GOP judges, playing low-level fantasy games with geopolitics, and etc will go to overdrive.

Against all odds

The plan all along was to call out Trump’s crimes, get him impeached, and have the GOP senators on record defending the crimes. We now have to relentlessly communicate how shamelessly criminal Trump and the GOP are to the public until the Nov. election. Yes, the courts are packed in GOP’s favor, yes, the voting maps are gerrymandered, yes, the GOP will try their best to suppress the votes, and yes, they might even try to mess with the election system (they damn sure not trying to protect it) but we shouldn’t let the odds deflate our hope. We should learn from Kobe, adopt #MambaMentality and keep going – against all odds.


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