Electricity from coal-fired plants is expected to fall by a record 3% this year but the overall picture of global warming looks darker than ever.

The fall of coal?

Coal is one of the biggest villains in global heating. A 3% increase in CO2 emissions from coal-powered generation last year was responsible for 50% of the global increase in fossil fuel emissions. So the record-drop of this year is indeed a very good thing.

The drop, however, has more to do with the economic slowdown of developing nations (China & India) than humans finally waking up and doing the right things. So the emissions can (and prob will) go back up when the economy picks up because China is building one large coal plant every two weeks.

“We haven’t succeeded in bending the global emissions curve.”

A new UN report says levels of greenhouse gases (CO2, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide) have hit a record high in 2018. According to the report, there’s been a 43% increase in the warming effect of these gases since 1990 and it’s getting worse nonstop.

If the trend continues, the temperature will rise by up to 3.9C by 2030. With just 2C rise,  hundreds of M’s of people will be displaced and exposed to heat-related risks and the earth’s coral reefs will get wiped out. So imagine what a 3.9C rise in temperature will do the planet – and that scenario is just 10 years away…

If you’re reading this maybe it’s still not too late

The UN Environment Programme says we can still limit the rise under 1.5C, the goal set by Paris Climate Accord and 70 countries, including China, agreed to meet next year and commit to more dramatic carbon emission cuts.

Wanna guess who will NOT be at next year’s global meet up? The US. Thanks Trump.

“Winter here already, but somehow I’m heating up.” – DRAKE EARTH

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