Donald Trump doubled down on his plans to release migrants in sanctuary cities last Friday. Sanctuary cities like NYC and SF have been against Trump’s immigration policies, so Trump’s petty ass wants to transport the migrants to these cities to, basically, fuck with the Democrats.

Who’s the mastermind behind these idiotic and inhumane policies?

Meet Stephen Miller.

The second coming of Joseph Goebbels

Stephen Miller, who’s surprisingly only 33 years old (guess years of racial hatred made him age in dog years) rose to the position of White House senior advisor by riding the White-nationalist wave of Trump administration.

A life-long White-supremacist, he’s known to be the main architect behind Trump admin’s xenophobic immigration policies such as Muslim travel ban and Homeland Security’s family separation policy.

His racist policies earned him comparisons to Nazi Hitler’s Joseph Goebbels but until now he’s remained relatively low key behind more colorful characters of Trump White House.

The thriving cockroach

Trump recently began to purge high-ranking immigration officers including Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen. Reason? They weren’t vicious enough to push heinous policies such as the reintroduction of child separation at borders. Apparently, there’s levels to this evil shit.

In the aftermath of this purge, Stephen Miller, with his rock-solid commitment to White nationalism, emerged as the top dog of Trump’s immigration agenda – The New Republic recently called him “the thriving cockroach” and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler yesterday called him “the boss of everybody”.

More radical and more hateful policies to come

Trump, to appeal to his Fox news-watching base, will resort to introducing more xenophobic immigration policies and no one knows how to pour gasoline on Trump’s racial hatred better than Stephen Miller. Looks like things will get worse before they get better.


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