Maria Butina, a Russian woman charged with conspiring against the US (spying, in other words) back in July, has agreed to co-operate with the Feds.

Who’s Maria Butina?

She came to the US as a study abroad student and although we don’t yet know the details (she turned snitch just yesterday) it is believed that she used the powerful gun-rights group NRA to get close to and ultimately help Trump’s campaign. Below are some shady things she did that we know about.

Why would she use NRA to get to Trump?

Simple. Birds of a feather flock together. NRA, never known for moralities, found their perfect partner in Trump and spent $31M in ads to help him get elected. NRA and Trump, of course broke the law while doing it. Good thing is both NRA and Trump are struggling these days. NRA’s funding decreased by $55M in 2017 and we all know how the Feds and team Mueller have been closing in on Trump recently. Butina’s decision to turn witness yesterday will only make the rope around Trump’s even tighter.

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