Some hopeful news – Harvard scientists are sending an air balloon to experiment Sun-dimmer technology.

What is Sun-dimmer?
It doesn’t actually dim the Sun obviously, instead scientists are trying to see if spraying reflective chemicals in the stratosphere could send back some of the heat energy back to space – in turn, cool the earth. The tech is in the beginning stages and the experiment is very tiny scale, just spraying 100 grams of calcium carbonates into the stratosphere to see how they work.

In theory, it could really work and it’s cheap (relatively), too.
In 1991, a volcanic eruption in the Philippines shoot up tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere and the planet was cooled by 0.5 °C. So the idea is to replicate and multiply this all on a global scale and cool down the planet. It’s also relatively cheap – $2 billion would be enough cover the cost to apply Sun-dimming tech all over the earth. In the grand scheme of things, 2 bil ain’t shit. That’s Jeff Bezos play money.

There could be downsides but we don’t have much time left
Dimmer skies could alter precipitation patterns and negatively affect food production. Also, artificially block Sun’s rays doesn’t solve the fundamental carbon emitting problems. However, if successfully deployed, the tech could cool down the planet by 1.5°C and that alone will outweigh the potential downsides as we’re getting closer and closer to major climate catastrophe.

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